We Are For Sale

WE ARE FOR SALE was inspired by celebrities with connections to East Sussex, Paula Yates, Catherine Cookson, Henry James and Aleister Crowley and explored our obsession with celebrity and the private hells beneath public masks.  Created out of narratives from these famous lives it revealed a humanity which touches us despite, not because of money, notoriety and acheivement.


Promotional Poster artwork for We Are For Sale by Chris Ford

The film which was made from live performances and rehearsals primarily follows Yates’s story: ‘From the age of five I knew what it was like to long for someone.’  It is also coloured by ‘The Master’ a novel about Henry James by the wonderful Colm Toibin. James’s life as imagined by Toibin is also suffused by emotional hunger. 


We Are For Sale from Sam Sharples on Vimeo.

WE ARE FOR SALE was touched by a melancholy which found itself at home in the De La Warr Pavilion, one of the great carefree moments of 1930s architecture, which is meant to sparkle in sunshine but battles cold and damp.

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Drawings for Loren O’Dair's 'We Are For Sale' dress, designed by Pingping Cao

Drawings for Loren O’Dair’s ‘We Are For Sale’ dress, designed by Pingping Cao